Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Big Week For NASA


Despite NASA's recent revelations about astronauts drinking before flights the launch of space shuttle Endeavour is still set for one week from this Tuesday.
Commander Scott Kelly and his six crewmates are scheduled to arrive at Kennedy Space Center this Friday for final launch preparations.

The crew includes Barbara Morgan, the first teacher on fly on a shuttle since Christa McAuliffe and the Challenger disaster. It is also the first flight for Endeavour since 2002.
Liftoff of space shuttle Endeavour is scheduled for 7:02 the night of August 7. As always you will see it live right here on News 13.
Before Endeavour goes up NASA has another important mission to launch, a $420 million mission to Mars.

The Phoenix mission gets its name because it is meant to make up for Mars missions that failed.
NASA says only about half the missions sent to Mars make it there successfully.
The Phoenix will land on the North Pole of Mars to study ice and look for the possibility of life. It is set to launch on a Delta 2 rocket from the Cape Friday morning at 5:35. Again, News 13 will bring that to you live when it happens.

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